Saturday, 23 October 2010

Conclusions from the Liberty Stadium

Swansea City
(HT 0-0)
Emnes 50
Sinclair 90+4

  • It proves how good the Leeds result was. Or, more accurately, how important it was. We knew Swansea would be a tough place to go to making it critical that we got three points on the board before what was always going to be three points lost. 
  • Stick to 4-4-2. Fancy formations clearly aren't working, and the right change to go to 4-4-2 in the second half came too late, but at least it came. Fryatt was for long periods isolated on his own up-front, needing the extra support - a physical presence - that Waghorn or Howard can provide. Moving away from that tried-and-tested formation was ultimately our downfall as our counter-attacks left us exposed at the back.
  • The Great Foreign Import Experiment is failing. For all Yuki Abe's talent, Miguel Vitor's presence and whatever Joao Moreno actually brings to a team, communication is key to a team sport. Many people questioned Sousa's English and his ability to get across his ideas was questioned even by the players, but now the language barrier between the rest of the team and Abe in particular is beginning to show on the pitch.

Matty Fryatt
For Fryatt, life is tough. He puts in the effort and yet his commitment is questioned. He scores goals, top scorer two seasons running, but fans say he doesn't score enough. His physicality and fitness is cause for concern, yet he puts in a full, dedicated ninety minutes. The lad needs to be given a break - and he needs to play alongside players that understand him and in a formation that suits him.

Swansea City Football Club
They've now proved their point that Sousa was rubbish by well and truly thumping what is, essentially, still his team. It was as much a great showing from the Swans as it was a poor one from the Foxes.

Martyn Waghorn
It was a change that needed to be made at 1-0 down with very little fire power up front. But Waghorn's appearance was symptomatic of his season so far, in which he has scored only once and has actually looked quite poor. As Foxes fans we know the technical and physical capabilities of a very young prospect who has scored some cracking goals and, lest we forget, was one player who showed true passion in Cardiff at the end of last season. The image of him on the floor, crying after missing the crucial penalty in the play-off semi-final, will live long in the memory. But why is he now a shadow of what he showed last season?

Curtis Davies
For what he brings to Leicester's back line, it is worrying indeed that he could now be out for a few weeks. He's only here for a short time and for him to be injured for most of it is not going to help bolster what is still, clearly, a shaky defence.

Franck Moussa
So much hope, so much vision, so much promise. Everything Moussa was against Leeds, he wasn't against Swansea.
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