Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Conclusions from Elland Road

Leeds United
(HT 0-0)
Becchio 83

Naughton 64
Howard 81 

  • It was a great result. A win against Leeds is always good, and when it's your new manager's first away game it means all the more. Sven is yet to lose a game as Foxes manager (even if he's only played two) and he has now created a solid foundation on which the team can build - something Sousa failed to do. Sven got the team playing well and importantly playing together, proving that fact in the build-up to the second goal of Howard, a lovely passage of play worthy of high-flyers in the Premier League. Tonight was a job well done indeed - but it needs to continue. 
  • We deserved the win. Mid-first half the stats showed that the Foxes were utterly dominant. Sixty-five per-cent possession, seven attempts on goal to Leeds' none - the home side were taking a battering. Yet again, Gallagher, Waghorn, Berner and King all failed to take clear opportunities. Ian Stringer made the point: yet again, Leicester City failed to take their chances. The second half made all the difference, however, with two goals proving enough to counter United's lucky consolation.
  • 4-4-2 is the way forward. As soon as we allowed Leeds to attack and make their 4-3-3 formation work for them, we countered with a similar tactic and fell apart. Gallagher moved out wide and his presence and quality up front was lost as Waghorn was left to flounder alone. Sven favours the big tough man/little quick man up front, and he needs to make it work for Leicester.

Kyle Naughton
Followed-up his impressive debut with a goal which, as Alan Young will agree, hit the back of the net. Only his second league goal, Naughton certainly seems to be the real deal - Sven's Mark Davies, if you will. Top performance from him once again, with a deserved reward.

Franck Moussa
The lad showed once again that he could be a quality signing, and the one true success of the Sousa reign. He made positive, attacking play a joy to watch and seems that he could just be the real deal. Considering he's a Belgian who came from Southend United on a free, not a bad spot at all and certainly he's already amde a bigger impact than anyone else introduced by the Portuguese.

Andy King
Another great performance, once again capped by involvement in a crucial goal, in this case the beautiful way in which he bought the ball down and played-in big Steve Howard.

Steve Howard
Well, well, well. Three games versus Leeds in the last three seasons and three goals in the last ten minutes. And a cracking finish for this one too, when it really counted to put us out of reach.

Sven (again)
Four out of two isn't by any means the worst start a Leicester manager has made, indeed it's one of the better stats next to a manager's name after two games, one home and one away. Fair play to the Swede for putting the pride back into the hearts of Foxes fans. In case you hadn't realised, we're out of the bottom three.

Paul Gallagher
If Gallagher had a bad game on Saturday against Hull, he was diabolical tonight. Playing in his favoured centre forward role, it could be assumed the Scot would have played a blinder - think of his appearance, as striker, against Scunthorpe last season. He scored a hat-trick, was a class above and looked like the Premier League-quality player he should be. Gally wandered out wide as Leeds pressed, their 4-3-3 formation proving increasingly effective, and in that wide position he just fails to shine.

Football League Referees
There were no real glaring errors tonight, no stone-wall penalties waved-away or goal-line decisions called wrongly. But there did seem to be a lack of respect for the referee and a lack of consistency and conviction in his decision-making. On every occasion this season, in fact, this blog could have featured the day's referee in the Losers' column. Speaking entirely as a fan of football - and not as a football fan - the standard is not high enough. Referees (and, for that matter, their assistants) at this level should not lack the consistency, presence and conviction that has plagued so many matches in the Championship this season. It is something that must be addressed by the FA, through the use of technology, better training or otherwise.

Also, four minutes' stoppage time? Where did they get that from?
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