Friday, 7 December 2012

A Housekeeping Note

Dear Reader,

From now on, Of Fosse and Foxes will focus on Conclusions from games only that the author has seen first hand. This decision has been taken for two reasons:
  1. The necessity to provide relevant, accurate and timely opinions unbiased by radio reports and featuring photos and first-hand reports from the game
  2. Time constraints placed by work and changing circumstances that mean less time can be dedicated to maintaining and writing the blog
Whilst this move will see an unavoidable reduction in Conclusions posts, Of Fosse and Foxes will continue to provide news, opinion and timely reports from the King Power Stadium, plus at least two Conclusions posts per month - one from a home match and one from a game on the road.

Thank you for your continued support in reading and contributing to Of Fosse and Foxes - and up the Foxes.


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