Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Pearson comments under FA scrutiny

Nigel Pearson's comments made to the media following Leicester City's 2-2 draw against Nottingham Forest on Saturday have come under scrutiny from the Football Association.

The Foxes' Zak Whitbread was alleged by referee Anthony Taylor to have conceded a penalty, from which the Foxes' rivals scored their equalising goal. Meanwhile City were denied their own penalty following what TV replays showed to be a clear handball later in the game.

Pearson was visibly incensed during the game and made his feelings known to the press in the tunnel after the match, speaking to Sky Sports, the BBC and the printed media to express his anger at the referee's performance and conceding that he would like to see officials made "more accountable" for their decisions.

"He [Zak Whitbread] got the ball," said Pearson to Sky Sports immediately following the game, "The referee was in a good position. If the referee can't get that right or if your assistant hasn't got the guts to give it, it's about time these people became accountable. We've had this taken away from us by other people who can't do their jobs properly."

He expanded on his views in the press conference later-on: "I'm not going to waste my time even attempting to talk to people who are totally disinterested in what's right and what's wrong. They have a team of four people out there, they need to utilise the four of them. For me it's laughable."

Pearson is now under scrutiny from the game's governing body who are yet to make a decision on as to whether or not the City manager will face a punishment for his comments.

"If I get in trouble, I think I have missed a trick because I have been careful with what I have said and how I have constructed my sentences," he said, "If I get fined after what has happened, then there is something seriously wrong with the game."

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