Friday, 21 September 2012

The Repetitive Cycle that is the Story So Far

This article first appeared on The Football League 72 on Monday, 17th September, 2012.

Leicester City are once more presented with criticism of their inconsistency, as their league away form marks a dramatic contrast to that at the King Power Stadium. An ignominious defeat at home to Burton Albion in the League Cup aside, Nigel Pearson's Foxes have made something of a fortress out of their home ground but their away form is, barring one win at Torquay United - again in the League Cup - somewhat worrisome.

The story of City's away days so far in the 2012/13 nPower Championship campaign all tell a similar tale. On all three occasions, Leicester have been defeated by two goals to one, with a gallant second half effort to overturn the deficit in each game never quite cutting the mustard. It is the Foxes' away form that is troubling the City faithful.

Against Wolves on Sunday - as many saw on the TV - Leicester were dogged performers who could - should - have won the game. Martyn Waghorn hit the post, David Nugent had a free header brilliantly saved... neither saw the change in the final score craved by the 2,500-strong visiting crowd.

It has seemed for months that every time City win, a draw or loss follows. Likewise, every defeat heralds a bright new dawn where things will be got right. Perhaps Nigel Pearson is an expert at encouraging an ailing team, but not so good at providing an incentive to win for a team that has already tasted victory? The form book would certainly suggest so.

The City manager is also the man who best sums-up his team's fortunes this season.

"The players are working hard and I believe our fortunes will change," Pearson said after the Molineux defeat, "We have got to start getting the performances to a point where we are more difficult to beat because we have the armoury to hurt sides.

"We played some good football but you don't want to play good losing football. We have the nucleus of a very good side. We have to take responsibility for how we perform and then everything else will fall into place."

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