Friday, 27 January 2012

Police investigate Nugent hate Tweets

Hampshire Constabulary have launched an investigation into abuse received by David Nugent on social networking site Twitter.

The Foxes' striker, who at first shrugged-off the abuse as "banter", was quick to condemn Southampton fans who 'mentioned' him on the site after they crossed the line. He was offended by tweets that urged him to kill himself, with one urging him to "go Gary Speed yourself". The former Wales manager was found hanged at his home last month.

Nugent, a former player with Saints' arch-rivals Portsmouth, found sympathy with some Southampton supporters who knew the line had been crossed.

"As a Saints fan I'm gobsmacked at some of the comments you've had," wrote one, "You may be an ex-skate but nobody deserves that."

Mark Etheridge posted: "Banter is banter but what you have had in the last few days is horrid. Sorry, from a life-long Saints fan."

Neither Southampton Football Club nor Leicester City have commented, whilst Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that despite not receiving any complaints, they are looking into the matter.

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