Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Foxes 8th cheapest in league

Research carried-out by BBC Sport has revealed how much it costs a football fan to attend each game and placed Leicester City as the eighth cheapest club in the Championship.

The investigation into each of the 104 clubs in league football in England and Scotland examined the price of the cheapest adult match ticket, programme, pie and cup of tea to establish a league table to ascertain the cheapest day out for each club.

Liverpool came out as the most expensive, with the combined price coming to £46.95. The cheapest, meanwhile, was Rochdale where fans can watch their team with all the trimmings for as little as £16.20 per game.

In the Championship, the best value comes from Watford, whose supporters pay just £1.10 more than Rochdale fans and as little as £1.10 for a cuppa. This contrasts starkly with West Ham United, who charge a huge £47.00 for their most expensive tickets - the cheapest day out at Upton Park is in excess of forty pounds, the only club to reach this milestone.

Leicester see-off Nottingham Forest by being 10p cheaper on a cup of tea and are a full £2.20 per game cheaper than Coventry City. Derby County, meanwhile, are amongst the most expensive clubs to support in the Championship, with their cheapest day out coming-in at £32.70.

The BBC report is available for each league, in full, here. The full Championship table is copied below.

Edited 02/08/11 16:25 - This post previously inferred that Leicester City was the eighth most expensive club in the Championship. Two amendments have been made in order to correct this error.


Anonymous said...

You've said we are the 8th most expensive when its actually we are the 8th cheapest.

Tim Nutt said...

Indeed I have. What a foolish error! I've altered the text and post title accordingly.