Monday, 29 November 2010

Conclusions from Forest

(HT 0-0)
King 59

Yuki Abe embraces goalscorer Andy King at full time

  • We need to be more aggressive. Standing-off and defending in a conservative frame of mind nearly cost us goals in the first half. We failed to take the game to Forest early-on and gave them far too much time on the ball. If we are to compete for a play-off place again this season, we have to get going faster and take the game to the opposition before half time. We have too often relied on second half performances - as today - to give us victory, we need to make it count sooner.
  • When are we going to make corners count? Two hundred and six as I write this and that will have risen before the full time whistle blows. Give the ball to Greg Cunningham (as the best corner taker we've got) and get Steve Howard's noggin on it. Or Andy King's, given his form.
  • The net should be broken. The amount of chances we're creating, both nets at the Walkers Stadium should by rights be in a dire state of disrepair. As it is, nobody is consistently scoring goals when a chance is created for them. And that includes golden boy King.

Captain Fantastic: King slides-home the winner
Andy King
That boy cannot stop scoring. With eight goals before December this is turning in to the season that makes Andy King a legend. The young Welshman again did more than merely score (indeed this goal was as much down to good play by Abe, Vassell and Bednar as it was to King), controlling the midfield as only good players can and raising the excitement amongst a 24,600-strong crowd as no other player could. He is just getting better by the game. "All hail the King"...

Chris Weale
Following the arrival of Chris Kirkland, Weale has suddenly found himself some form. He put in at least two outstanding saves to keep the Foxes in the game, before another good stop as Forest chased the game with quarter of an hour left. Maybe some competition is just what the doctor ordered for the Somerset-ian.

Roman Bednar
A good first impression made by the Czech, who put in a sound performance on his Walkers Stadium début. Described as "A mean, sleek torpedo" by one Foxes fan, the addition of movement to a Steve Howard-type player could prove deadly in this league. He's given Sven a lovely problem by giving the Foxes manager another good attacking option.

Ian Stringer
The Radio Leicester hack was on top form tonight, including a little gem comparing the head of Nathan Tyson to a Toblerone. Class.

Steve Howard
Through no fault of his own, Steve Howard is set to be keeping the bench warm for a number of games to come. Roman Bednar has given Sven a pacier alternative to Frankie and someone new to the squad who can freshen-up the team's approach. Howard came on for Bednar in the closing minutes of tonight's game and did nothing wrong, but Bednar put in a good début performance to take the plaudits tonight.

Lloyd Dyer / Darius Vassell
Currently the enigmas of the team, both Dyer and Vassell show flashes of sheer brilliance but both are failing to deliver consistently. Neither is winning the battle to cement his place in the starting XI just yet.

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