Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Conclusions from Carrow Road

Norwich City
(HT 1-1)
Crofts 32
Hoolahan 53
Drury 63
Hoolahan 74

Waghorn 2
Fryatt 65
Fryatt 78

Fryatt off 78

  • We need to stick with our best players. Our best players who are seemingly always left on the bench - Abe, Fryatt, Gallagher - seem to be the ones that make a difference. We need to stick with them or it will cost us this season.
  • Taking chances is crucial. Hitting the bar, being offside and good old not-being-clinical-enough were all reasons we have failed to score. Silly mistakes will be Leicester's downfall.
  • Statistics lie. Leicester were, on paper, pummelled into submission by Norwich tonight. 61:31% possession, 18:10 attempts... But you'd never have thought it by listening to Stringer's relentless commentary on BBC Leicester, nor from the pace of the game being played. This was a classic game of football, with drama, suspense and excitement in all the right quantities.


Michael Morrison
After Friday's disastrous performance it would have been easy for Morrison to have been dropped in favour of, well, anyone else. But through idiocy or genius Sousa decided Morrison deserved to keep his place and what a good decision that was. A first class performance from the 22-year-old.

Martyn Waghorn
His first goal for the Foxes since April and that alone puts him firmly in the winners. Why this is a controversial choice, however, is that for much of the game he was once again ineffective on that right wing. What his goal proves is that if he were to be picked as an out-and-out striker, he might have a chance of scoring a few more. Certainly, now his duck is broken, he should kick-on and get lots more before the season is out.

Matt Fryatt
About time he bagged fifty league goals for Leicester! His cameo gave Leicester a lifeline tonight, he made a real impact on the game and proved to be the difference when he came on. What happened in the goal was unforgivable and stupid, however, and cost him what could have been a glorious, heaven-sent hat-trick.

Matt Fryatt
He got himself sent-off for something petty and stupid and he should be disappointed in his conduct, whatever his impact on the game. Leicester could probably have won with him on the pitch for the last fifteen minutes.

Tom Kennedy
Was it a penalty? Probably not. But he did put himself in a situation where the ball appeared to strike his hand and, in the penalty area, the benefit of the doubt is apparently never given - if you're a defender in blue, at least.

Mr P. Walton (N'hants)
For a Premier League referee this was a pretty dire performance. Sending-off a floored Fryatt for a small kick after he was denied picking-up the ball out of the net and then, seconds later, allowing a karate kick to Lamey's chest to go unpunished is very poor. The penalty was debatable, he hesitated in giving Leicester's second goal... Another bad refereeing performance, about the fourth the Foxes have encountered this season.

Alan Young
He's still a curse.
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